Bramble Learning space is one month today!

Our Pilot Project at Beere is one month already.

Bramble Learning Space officially began her Pilot Project at Beere, Ibadan on Tuesday, March 19, 2019. The learning sessions started with six (6) children during the first week, and now we have about thirty (30) children who benefit from the space. These four weeks has been quite engaging and interesting as children are being exposed to different activities in the learning space. During the first week of the program, the children were asked to talk about their interest, and for many of them that was the first time they would feel that someone wants to listen to them.  genuinely asking for their opinion. We ensured everyone listened to.

There’s has been great improvement on the part of the children since the pilot began. Many of the children who threw tantrums and lead violence in the community have become more calm and focused. They have been led through some important topics such as Personal Hygiene, Germs, Etiquette, Conversational skills, Confidence and Humanity. Some of the children now guide others through learning. We have had facilitators visit the learning space to lead children on how to make certain craft like Pom-pom using crotchet skills, storage box from recycled carton papers, and classroom decorations. This has helped children demonstrate their creative intelligence in fantastic ways. Children are always excited to bring materials to be recycled and make useful items by and for each other in the learning space.

In partnership with Deep project, we were able to expose the children to the use of computer. Children learnt about the keyboard and mouse and were able to type their names on the computer, being the first time for most of them; it was an amazing experience having to work on the computer.

Every approach to learning has been fun. Children are led to learn through flashcards, games, discussions and videos. One of the children was able to learn numbers through painting. Most of the children who just began learning can now recognize, write and say the phonic sounds. The children also did some creative work by using yarn to design the letters cut out of cartons.

Two of the major changes we have noticed in the children are their enthusiastic approach to learning and positive change in behaviour. In summary, we are excited about the amazing development of each child in the learning space and we hope to strengthen their positive development in the next two months till every child at the pilot learning space becomes fully immersed in this creative learning process and is ready for a self-led learning lifestyle.

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