Advisory Board

Meet our sounding board; a team of well- equipped professionals who help us to evaluate our ideas every step in this journey. They are committed to our vision of providing access to effective learning to children from low income backgrounds.

A passport picture of a woman with a bright smile, Elizabeth johnson

I dream of the educational system in which each child decides the course of his or her educational journey and we elders just be the facilitators in the process of helping them realise their true potential through passion and perseverance

Elizabeth Jacob

Alternative Education expert, India.

Advisory board member

It is time that passionate social change makers come forward with innovative ideas to solve Nigeria’s educational crisis. Ideas that will invest in the inherent curiosity and capability of every human child, irrespective of the conditions they are born into. I support Bramble for their courage to take on what seems like an insurmountable problem.

Navin Ramachandran

Corporate Strategist, USA