Bramble Accelerated Learning Program

Bramble Accelerated Learning Program

On August 7, 2020 we launched a new program called Bramble Accelerated Learning Program (BALP).  This program was initially designed to be Bramble’s response to Covid-19 outbreak in Nigeria. As a result of the pandemic, all the schools in the country were shut down. The children and youth in rural communities where we work were completely absorbed into their parents farm work and did not benefit from any of the free educational response from the government.

Since Bramble was the only organization providing educational opportunities in the communities, we were under pressure. Every day, we had at least two parents begging us to take their children into our program.  We could not take them into our fulltime program due to limited resources, so we decided to create BALP, a skill based learning program which runs during weekends.

We were fortunate to have received fund support from a partner organization. We currently run training in Mathematics, Literacy and Digital literacy.

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