Community Project at Ile-Osa

In Bramble, we are community friendly and this is one of the reasons we take our community project seriously. Our community project takes place once in every quarter. Last quarter, we had a gathering of widows and we presented them with gifts been a festive period.

This time, we went to one of the villages we serve, Ile-Osa. The objective was to sensitize the community members on Water Pollution. From our previous survey, we gathered that members of this community fetch their drinking water from a nearby river and an open well. Both of these sources are unclean and without treating the water, can greatly harm their body system.

With this information, our learners planned their presentations on causes of water pollution, effects of bad water and how we can purify our water before drinking it.

Following the presentation, we gave the community members a bottle of Water Purifier each, and guide them on how to use it. We also distributed antiseptic soaps.

Our joy is to see both old and young people in the community living healthy and a happy life that enables them to achieve their life goals.

We could literally see the expression of joy in the face our neighbors as we round the meeting up.

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