Tyreseat Workshop

On Tuesday, 11th of August, 2020 we hosted a Tyreseat workshop with Jumoke Olowookere and her team at Bramble Learning Space, Arikanki village. Jumoke Olowookere is an Environmentalist and Waste Entrepreneur with over ten years of actively educating communities to take responsibility for the waste they generated. She is the founder of African creative Hub. 

We have admired the creative process of using waste tyres to make seats for a while, and made our first attempt at creating it in February. When we decided to host a session, we had only one intention, to learn in the most engaging way. The experience usually exceeded our expectations. 

The first step was to wash the tyres and get them dry. Then apply different colours on them, which you can mix with water or combine colours to get various shades or hues. Using paint brushes, you can make art or design the tyres as you wish. 

We added glue and screw in drilled holes to combine all the necessary materials to get the seat in its perfect shape. We made some other seats with bamboo and thick ropes. Jumoke also showed us how  to make a sweeping broom, toy springs with waste plastic

Every creation was like an art piece. The lasting impact this made on our hearts is that so much value can be generated from the everyday waste around us and we are able to save the environment with our little positive actions.