Imagine an opportunity to relive your childhood; the excitement, energy, innocence, pureness of heart, passion, curiosity and creativity! That is what working with Bramble kids will bring out in you again. Interesting, isn’t it? Then you might want to think about becoming a Bramble volunteer. Click here to fill the volunteer form

We are welcoming Resource Volunteers with specific skills in art, musical instruments, sports, media and science projects. If you have reasonable expertise in these areas and would like children asking you to teach/work with them (not in a ‘class’, but informally) then consider sending us an email. We would love to read from you!

Please note, Bramble being a nonprofit organisation is not able to bear the cost of professional fees/remuneration or any travel/transportation cost for any resource person. However, we would love to host you at the campus and take care of your food and stay when you visit us.