3 Days Mapping of Ido LGA and the surrounding Villages

The Project team began the Ido community mapping on the 1st of March, 2019. The group was led by Tolani who currently volunteers with Bramble. Tolani is a community health worker and a member of the WHO Immunization team in Ibadan. Her work as an immunization officer has taken her to the most interior and often neglected parts of Oyo state. This was the exact quality that we needed for our rural community mapping.

We began our survey at The Health Centre, Ido where we met the TCO, Mr. Adebimpe and two other staff of the centre. They were very resourceful by linking us with the ‘Iya Ewe’, which is loosely translated ‘Mother of All Children’ in Yoruba dialect. She is an indigine and a key stakeholder in Ido community. We introduced Bramble to Iya Ewe and discussed our objectives, and why we choose Ido as one of the communities to reach out to.

On our second visit, Iya Ewe led us to the Baale (Leader) of Ido land, Chief Yekini. He received us into his palace after thorough questioning, he gave us permission to conduct a mapping in the various villages within the local government. The first village we visited was Abule Oderemi.

We concluded the mapping on March 13, 2019. We mapped six (6) villages within the Local government. They include: Abule Oderemi, Aba Asipa, Abule Gbengbin, Aba Patako, Abule Apotipopo, and Aba
Faomi. We met the village heads and a few of the villagers. We
had several short meetings and talks about ‘Who we are’, our intention, and strategy.

The members of the communities asked several questions especially concerning the fee structure to which we responded that our services to the children are without monetary charges. We enlightened them about the importance of education and how it is imperative to allow children to learn rather than using them to earn.

In all of the villages we visited, only half of the population below the age of 16 go to school. There is only one public primary school located at the far end of Oko-Ooba, another village which is closer to the roadside, and a few secondary schools in Ido Town itself. Ido is their center of civilization, and it boost itself of lots of private nursery schools and few public primary school.

There is also one private lesson centre at Abule Oderemi. This is the only option for parents who care to send their children to elementary school. Children from the neighbouring villages walks miles (about 40 minutes from Gbengben) to attend this school, or walk for over one hour to attend schools in Ido town. Some parents did not acknowledge this as a problem.

Abule Asipa was elated at the idea of having Bramble in their community. The leader promised to provide the space and accommodation for the team members if we decide to have the learning space in their village. Both Asipa and Gbengbin want us to come discuss the whole idea of the learning space with them.

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